Decorating Guidelines

(rev. March 13, 2023)

You are responsible for ensuring that these directions are followed. Failure to adhere to these Rules & Regulations may result in additional damage fees, and/or denial of future use.


  • You will be granted access to Keeper’s Galley or The Barn at the contracted start time on the day of
    your event.
  • The site must be vacated at the contracted end time. This means the property is free of all guests,
    event items and trash.
  • The hours you have booked contract include your decorating & tear-down time.
  • You are responsible for set up of tables and chairs. Keeper’s Galley and The Barn staff will break the
    tables down.
  • Please review these directions with all members of your decorating crew and hired vendors.


Chandeliers: Keeper’s Galley and The Barn have some beautiful, intricate chandeliers and lighting. Bouquets and garters can be tossed, but please refrain from tossing them in the direction of the lighting. Please ensure that your event planner, DJ and/or band understands this requirement when planning the bouquet/garter toss. Should they be struck by an object and become entangled, the Patron will be responsible for any repairs and/or maintenance required to return them to original state.

To keep our property in good order, we ask that you refrain from utilizing the following:

  • Tape on any wall, floor, ceiling, deck, railing, table, chair or trellis work.
  • Blue painter’s tape, electrical tape, gaffers’ tape; 3M tape products, foam tape, gum type tape or
    adhesive sticky goo. Nails tacks, staples, pins or glue cannot be used on the facility walls, floors,
  • Throwing of birdseed, rice, salts, glitter, oatmeal or confetti – including biodegradable versions.
  • Blowing of bubbles inside the facility; bubble blowing is allowed outdoors.
  • Sprinkling of glitter, confetti, potpourri, sequins, opened candy, herbs, sand, moss or ash on tables,
    floors, ledges or windowsills – including biodegradable versions.
  • Sparklers or pyrotechnics inside or out – fireworks (including sparklers) are illegal within city limits.
  • Use of flammable or combustible materials are prohibited. No open flame or fires are permitted onsite.
  • Open flames or burning of items – including s’more roasting.
  • Tiki torches inside or outside.
  • Balloon releasing and no floating lanterns.
  • Water gel beads (often used in floral arrangements).
  • Hay bales – inside or outside (fire hazard).
  • Live Christmas trees (fire hazard); please use artificial trees
  • Bubble, fog, rain/snow machines or pull smoke grenades.
  • Décor affixed to chandelier or light fixtures.
  • Animals/pets.
  • Signage banners or decorations to the Keeper’s Galley exterior, signage or trellis work.
  • Staking into Keeper’s Galley landscaping and grass lawn. Free-stand shepherd hooks only.
  • Hanging / affixing / nailing any items to surrounding trees and shrubs on the property.
  • Space heaters or propane umbrella heaters inside.


  • You are allowed to erect a tent in the event spaces using an approved vendor. If a tent is erected,
    patron will secure a tent that utilizes a non-staking system that does not penetrate the grounds. Any
    damages to the grounds caused from erecting a tent will be deducted from the damage deposit. A
    professional service must be utilized that is familiar with the layout of Keeper’s Galley (see preferred
    vendors list).
  • Open flame candles for wedding ceremonies unity candles or candelabras may be used without an
    enclosed glass holder if they are lit just prior to the ceremony and extinguished immediately after the
    ceremony. Please inform Keeper’s Galley staff if you will be using these.
  • Flower petals can be displayed on indoor tables & windowsills (silk preferred) but not on the floors.
    Flower petals can be sprinkled by a flower girl down ceremony aisle (silk petals preferred indoors, live
    petals required outdoors) but the aisle cannot be fully-coated or fully-lined with the petals. Petals
    cannot be tossed by guests. Petals must be cleaned up by renter by end of event.
    Ceiling Decorating Tips
  • We encourage the use of freestanding decorations.
  • We have installed hooks around the perimeter, above the doors, to assist with draping/lighting.
  • We recommend hiring a professional decorating company to assist you with tent ceiling decorating
    (see our preferred vendors list).
  • Zip-ties, bendable metal shower hooks, fishing wire or string work great to hang items from outside or
  • We recommend hanging your décor with zip-ties, dowels, fishing wire or string. Please no tape.
  • Objects heavy enough to leave marks on the floor are not to be drug across the floors. Please use a
    hand truck or dolly. No motorized vehicles are permitted inside the facility.
  • Broken glass and other sharp objects need to be disposed of separately from the regular trash
    containers in the facility.

Yard Games

  • Yard games can be permitted if approved in advance. Please email a list of the yard games you would
    like to have at your event to our office for review at least one month in advance of your event. The
    sooner always the better though before you get too far into your planning and purchasing!
  • We will not approve any games that require staking into our lawn such as croquet, horse shoes or lawn
  • We will not approve any games involving mess creating items such as eggs, water balloons, etc.
  • Games most often approved include lawn bowling, bean bag toss, corn hole, washers, ladder ball, 3
    legged races, Frisbee, golf, miniature golf, badminton & Jenga.
  • Please do not use any chalk to outline games.